“Awesome” is a much over used word these days but in this instance it is highly appropriate as an overriding description of the Conference. This surely was a God-ordained meeting, after a gap of 4 years this was timely and gave a great opportunity for the diversity of believers that make up the Healing Rooms family to come together and be refreshed and invigorated.

Jean Luc Trachsel

The preaching was Powerful and Uplifting and we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the main sessions. There was a great sense of anointing and a feeling of being Spiritually “alive”.  The worship times were tremendous, and we had an awareness of being led into the presence of God. Not only was the main message of these sessions about revival and reaching the unsaved but it brought about a feeling of revival in a personal way. With the power of God, the prayers of healing from the whole assembly were even more powerful and we look forward to hearing those testimonies of healing in due course.

The other options that the Conference offered such as the Prophetic Booths and seminars were excellent and gave us the opportunity for spiritual refreshment as well as going deeper into some of the subjects that make up the Healing Rooms experience. Added to this we had the option to “Chill out” and rest in God in the Encounter room or peruse the book stall and catch up on some of the latest and traditional publications that are available.

It’s so rewarding to be involved in such a wonderful occasion… tiring but equally so satisfying to participate in a way that helps to make the occasion.


Finally, what a joy it was to meet “in the flesh” so many whom we had previously only seen on Zoom. Such a pleasure to shake hands and greet those we had solely met in the “virtual world” during Covid but can now relate to as friends.