This is a thank you message from Dmytro/Iryna and Ukrainian/International team. These good people joined us for the Miracles and Healings Nights of 1st February 2023. It was great to have them with us and we were blessed by their presence.

Click here for a video ‘thank you’ message

Hello dear friends, our dear family,

Dimi & Ira

This horrible year of life on earth on the land of Ukraine when the people living on our land were under the threat of death and destruction we found ourselves,  I mean you and us are so close to each other and under the protection of the Almighty from the first day of the war you in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland with us in Ukraine together we are building the ark of our salvation.  You have kept the anointing of the Spirit and the heaven of the Lord open to His mercy and grace and today we are still alive.  Your daily prayers for Ukraine and your faith are building this dome over us which has crowned us with life Jesus Christ.  With your every prophetic word and action and with your inexpressible size you created impregnable wall for the enemy and we are alight for the future of our people. You are still doing this.  We are so grateful to you for the biggest and the most important help and support in this difficult season of life for us.  For the sacrifice of time spent in prayers to God who gives life even to the dead and, behold, we are still alive!

May every seeded word of faith sprout with resurrection life and power and signs and wonders in thesupernatural healer of many, many in our land and may there be a great harvest.

Dimi, Ira and friends in 2017, the HR Conference in Latvia

Blessing of heaven to all of you and to each of you.  We love you, Dimi and Ira.


Hugs to everybody.  Hugs to each of you.  Bye.