Continuing our series looking at healing through the Creative Arts it is interesting to try and fathom one of the Lord’s great mysteries!

“How does applying paint on a surface have the power to unlock things deeply rooted in our inner being. How can it heal memories, bring release and freedom from emotional trauma and provide a pathway to healing?

It is no surprise then! We serve a creative God! The one who spoke the world into being gives us talents and tools that only He can use to reach the core of our being. Through exploration, experiment and scripture, He places in us a desire to create so He can bring to the surface and cut off those things that have long been buried, often because they are too raw or painful to confront. What is not so obvious is that these ‘things’ can have a profound effect on our physical and emotional well-being.

‘Creative Arts’ is a generic term often used to describe the visual and the performing arts with which we are mostly familiar eg painting, drawing, sculpture, film, dance, music and of course all types of design.

‘Thanks’ to technology, education and the media, the rise of consumerism means that we are bombarded with images that give us an innate desire to covet the latest ‘stuff’ which can result in addiction, emotional turmoil and financial hardship. (Matt 6 v 19 reminds us “store up your treasures in heaven”)

Powerful images swamp our everyday lives. Different types of design such as advertising, illustration, magazines, interior, fashion, garden, furniture, to name but a few are powerful, seductive, weapons in the hand of the prince of the airways.

So, that begs the question “what is the difference between Art and Design and how does God use it?”

Well, my understanding of this conundrum is that design has parameters, functionality, purpose, usually with an end use, whereas creative practice defined as Fine Art eg painting, collage, sculpture etc are open to our own interpretation and personal expression.

Used as a tool and a vehicle in the Healing Ministry, through the practice of these Fine Art forms we give the Holy Spirit permission to access and reveal the deep places of our inner being. These are the places where struggles and issues past and present are so deep seated they affect our physical, mental and spiritual health. So, open yourself up to God’s creative arsenal “be healed” and remember “no weapon formed against us will prosper” Isaiah 54 v 17. 

If you have a testimony of how God has used your creative gift in healing and you believe it will encourage others please get in touch by email

 Sylvia Barnes

Director New Forest Healing Rooms

Regional Director Southwest

Marina’s Story:

“He gave me eyes that I might see the wonders of the world”

The inspiration for my art comes from many sources including nature, songs, music, scripture and an inner desire to create. After a period of mental illness, I found in art a wonderful means of freedom of self-expression and a pathway for healing. In more recent years I have enjoyed helping others on their healing journey through the practice of art. I have organised art workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions which allow people to experiment, learn new skills, discover colour, to see things afresh and learn how the practice of creativity can release them from bondages. I also give art demonstrations using a variety of media and talks on “Art in My Life” where I share my passion and the story of my healing and restoration. I know that it is only by the grace of God I am now able to do these things. By the power of his word, over time, God has used the creative process to help with the healing of my mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Marina Stuart: www.