The speaker for the main event was DAVID THÉRY.  David is the founder of the French School of Supernatural Ministry which inspires, trains and activates believers to exercise spiritual gifts in daily life.  He was a pastor for 12 years in Quebec.  David is the author of the best-selling books Listening to God, Healing the Sick, 21 Days of Listening to God and Supernatural Joy.  Married to Sylvie, he is the proud father of Camille, Chloe, Charlotte, Zoe and Ethan.  David and his family live on Reunion Island.

This was the fourth night of the new season. Healing Rooms England & Wales (HREW) had a team of 20 prayer ministers.  These were made up into 5 prayer rooms, three prayer ministers and one intercessor per room. At the end there had been 13 persons requesting prayer.  The prayer rooms were opened at 6:30pm and closed at 8:30pm.  The prayer ministers commented that it was a great time and they had seen amazing change in those who came for prayer.  The team gave many testimonies of God’s healing and these will be posted in the next few days.