Yes, I do think your returning aches and pains problem is demonic! Romans 10 V9. Believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that Jesus is Lord…….you will be saved. One of the ways faith and healing “Comes” is believing in the heart and ‘confessing’ His Word on healing with our own mouth. Every time we open our mouth and confess His Word by faith there is always opposition. Often in many different, and subtle ways. Satan always opposes the spoken Word of God because he wants to cut off the Glory due to Jesus for your healing and for mine.

I’ve had many dreams of just this happening, namely with my arthritic shoulders being healed. Every time I declared the Word of God on healing the pain increased and increased! Demons were saying to me “ Don’t waste your time, what you’re doing is pointless. It won’t work.” A lying and deceiving spirit at work here. Because His Word on healing had been made flesh in me, established and rooted in my heart, [it was only one Word at the time] I was therefore ‘enabled’ to press on, and on, until the manifestation of healing came.

The Word in my heart that I spoke out loud was Isaiah 53 V5. Even so the pain kept getting worse until the Word of God that I had never associated with healing popped into my mind. “Greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world.” After I thought about that for some time, trying to work out what it had to do with healing, the following declaration, surprisingly came out of my mouth! “Greater is He that’s in me than the arthritis in my shoulders.” A short time after that declaration, I sensed I was being lifted up above the arthritis – which I was! I then saw arthritis from a highly elevated position [reigning with Christ in heavenly places?] I think so! From that highly elevated viewpoint the arthritis in my shoulders looked very very tiny! The next morning when I woke up I was FREE from arthritis and ALL pain!

The lesson learned ‘first hand’ here is Satan and his cohorts become rattled and stirred up when we declare His Word with our own mouth the proper way. By faith! During my night time battles I had no idea if I was declaring His Word by faith or not!! All I knew was that I got into demonic hot water every time I did until the breakthrough came.  The battle was clearly raging because Satan did not want more of the Kingdom of God to be established in me! He most definitely failed to cut off the glory due to the King of Heaven!

Satan always opposes the Word of God when we speak it out loud, especially when we are recovering! He threw everything at me to try and shut me up.  It was only the Holy Spirit that kept saying “Don’t give up. Things will get worse before they get better. Don’t give up.” The breakthrough for you may not come until you’re at your wits end and if that’s you the breakthrough is about to come! “Don’t give up.”

In this story, deliverance had taken place but the evil spirit was not easily defeated. He wandered around and around watching for a convenient moment to return to the house that had previously been swept clean, but not filled. This ‘demon person’ brought with him seven other ‘demon persons’, seven more evil spirits worse than himself! The clear call from the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’ to us, and to those we minister deliverance and healing to is to “Be Alert!”

Mike Robinson

September 2021