I don’t know about you but I know quite a few people that have been declared cancer free and arthritis free, and free from other nasties after attending Healing Rooms and other ministries too. I’ve spoken to many about this subject. Why did those ‘vile things‘ return with a vengeance? Why? None, none of us were actually able to come up with any conclusive answers! However I feel very certain that the Bible has all the answers!

We know from John 10V 10 that the thief comes to ‘steal, kill and destroy’. We’re talking about a person here! A spirit person! You know the expression “You can’t stop a bird flying over your head but you can stop it building a nest in your hair.” The handle of the door is on the inside. Our side, and not on God’s side!  We also know from 1 Peter 5V8-14 that we’re admonished to “Be Alert.” That means behave alert! Our enemy is prowling around ‘like’ a lion who has been into the local fancy dress shop and come out  looking ‘like’ a lion, and behaving ‘like’ a lion. Roaring ‘like’ a lion too. A real lion in the African bush roars in order to cripple it’s Sunday lunch with ‘fear’ so that it can then devour it!

“Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.” John 5V14. “Give no place to the devil.” Ephesians 4V27. Now yet another stark reminder from Job 3V25. He, Job let ‘fear’ enter through a hole in the hedge of protection around him which he opened, and he was overtaken by a worse thing! “For the thing I feared” was Job’s declaration. That’s called negative faith! After deliverance and healing, sickness will return according to Matthew 12V43-45 IF! If we were to turn a deaf ear to the possibility that demons that ‘steal, kill and destroy’ are on the look out to return to the house which has been garnished and swept clean then we’re on very shaky ground! That’s what happened to the poor man in Matthew 12V43-45! He was saved but backslid. He chose to return to his previous lifestyle! He opened the door for sickness to come in again! The handle of the door was in his hand and not in God’s hand!

In this story, deliverance had taken place but the evil spirit was not easily defeated. He wandered around and around watching for a convenient moment to return to the house that had previously been swept clean, but not filled. This ‘demon person’ brought with him seven other ‘demon persons’, seven more evil spirits worse than himself! The clear call from the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’ to us, and to those we minister deliverance and healing to is to “Be alert!”

Mike Robinson

August 2021.