The most important thing that I shared at the recent Presence 2021 healing conference in our “Soaking Room” was about compassion and so I am going to attempt a quick run through of what that was for those who were not able to be on the ministry team, and those who were! Compassion is a Kingdom emotion and it’s the King that gives it to us. To live like Jesus means we are to be moved by compassion because compassion is not a static thing. It’s a movement that moves us to live a Kingdom lifestyle. The Kingdom is deep within us. Compassion comes out of an ocean of love! The Greek definition for compassion is to have the bowels yearn, be moved with compassion. Jesus healed because He felt compassion. Mark 14V14.

I like to think of the movement of compassion like this. Think about the Dumbwaiter in a Victorian house. The food is put onto the lift shelf deep down in the kitchen and up it goes to the dining room, two floors above, to be served by the head waiter. Compassion comes up from deep within our bowels too, and the Holy Spirit, the head waiter, serves us with compassion! We cannot switch compassion on because we do not have the switch! God does! Compassion suddenly comes! We decide whether or not we want to be moved by compassion and when it comes up from our bellies we then move and cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and release resurrection power that’s within us. The love of God compels and controls us. It is the Kingdom emotion that moves us and if we are going to heal the sick and raise the dead, just like Jesus then we should position ourselves to be moved!

Your move!