Following the Presence 2021 the Prayer Ministers for the English-speaking Prayer Room have written up their thoughts and experiences, some of these are included as follows –

Again, I want to start by witnessing to the manifest presence of God with all the team and our guests. Such a privilege! There was an obvious sense of the goodness of God with each guest and their gratefulness for what they received from God was visibly and orally expressed. Praise Him.

What was apparent with a couple of our guests is that they have been pursuing God and pressing into taking hold of His promises for direction for their lives and for healing so it was a privilege to stand with them and be a part of their journey seeing their healing to completeness, encouraging them and believing that what He has started He will finish.

Praise the Lord. Looking forward to tonight with even more expectation.

The joy was wonderful. A great evening for our guests, and for our team as we got on so well together.

Despite the complex nature of the guests’ needs it was wonderful to see the presence of the Spirit over each one and to know that they were receiving through ministry. To God be the glory!

I met a lovely team and beautiful people, it was an honour to serve.

God certainly knows all about positioning us with the right team members and with the right guests! Last night we were teamed up with the same lady that was with us on Wednesday evening. What’s more a young father from Canada asked for prayer for his young son with Down’s syndrome. Who would have known except our Heavenly Father that I have a sister in Canada and her daughter, my niece who has been healed of Down’s syndrome!! This young father was directed by the Holy Spirit into the right room alright! Who else would have known!

Another lady with mental health problems appeared to have been transformed, literally it seemed to us into another person, reflecting the glory of God on her face. She positively shone!  The lady on our team received a touch from Dr Jesus on her damaged foot and she immediately felt heat and tingles shoot through it. She’s well on the way to recovering fully. Just the tip of the iceberg last night!

My wife thoroughly enjoyed and was exhilarated by her first IAHM experience and we had a chance around 7.30am this morning to witness the goodness of our God, about last night, to her school caretaker who is not yet a believer.