Following the Presence 2021 the Prayer Ministers for the English-speaking Prayer Room have written up their thoughts and experiences, some of these are included as follows –

We had a sense of God’s presence in our ministry times, we knew that He was with us and He was with our guests wherever they were calling from. Our guests were visibly lighter & brighter, their demeanours changed, (one lady from Germany positively radiant). Application of words of knowledge, words of song ‘No longer slaves to fear’, scripture (Mal 4:2), in the time of soaking and also in our breakout room time before we met the first guest all relevant to each one of our 5 guests. The Holy Spirit graciously gave many in the team similar pictures, a sense of direction during ministry time (so encouraging for us all).  Thank you Father God for all that you gave us, words and pictures that were so relevant to our guests and for your love to them.

Personal highlight – Just an awesome privilege to pray in a team with two such differently gifted ladies.  Can’t wait to see what God is going to do tonight.

We sensed plenty of fire in our group. Our God answers by fire! The presence of God was evident in greater measure than we’d experienced before. Our guests were genuinely receiving and taking what was rightfully theirs. The words and pictures and words of prophecy from each member of the team were precisely accurate and were keys that we believe unlocked prison doors for sickness to leave! There will surely be signs following in every group! Overall we sensed that there was plenty of ‘excitement and expectancy’ which was clearly evident to us because we could see the faces and body language of many on screen as we were soaking.

During the worship time God revealed to me we would meet a person with severe infections and pain in the lower belly parts; including fertility. The pain that the Father revealed was emotional pain as well as physical pain.

Mostly our guests were broken people, really crying out for the deep touch of God to touch them deep within their emotions. Deep calls to deep. Psalm 42 V7. The Holy Spirit reached out to each of them last night. A few wept crocodile tears and I personally felt the knots in their gut being undone. Deliverance took place too through released tears of hurt/anguish. Hurts came tumbling out. A very powerful evening. One man with itching pain and discomfort in his eyes improved quite significantly. His right eye was in a bad state particularly. He said that it had improved too.