By Mike Robinson – Part 2

There is a movie screen in your heart too and the Holy Spirit is the projectionist. God’s promise to you, and I is, He will give us what we see through the eyes of faith. Here is an example: ‘Whatever you see Abram I will give you.’ Genesis 13v15. Isaiah 53 V5 paints a very vivid colourful picture so that we can See it. “By His stripes we are healed.” It is not therefore awfully hard to “See” it! Visualise it. By the same token you can “See” an apple with your mind’s eye even though you might not have an apple in front of you, but you know what an apple looks like! You are seeing an apple in the invisible!  Here’s another  example: How many times have you read a verse in the Bible that you just do not understand and ‘suddenly’, one day, you read it again, and the penny drops, and with ‘self-congratulatory amazement’ you say to yourself “Now I See  it!” It is then yours! We may think we have been so clever because we’ve worked it out! Watch it! There is a movie screen in your heart and the Holy Spirit is the projectionist! He projects onto your movie screen exactly what He wants you to See!

That’s exactly how advertising works. Very often you maybe cannot understand what on earth the Ad is saying. We see it many times over and then click; you suddenly See it. You congratulate yourself for being so clever for working it out which means the Ad man’s physiology has worked! You will then by and large remember it! Very clever people these Ad men! They think they thought of the idea. No, they did not. Ecclesiastes 1V9 says there is nothing new under the sun! God thought of it first! Paul talks about the eyes of your understanding being enlightened. Enlightened means to supply with light or illuminate. The Holy Spirit is the illuminator. He is the projectionist!