At a recent local Church prayer meeting I became aware that one of the attendees was in considerable discomfort and I felt prompted to pray for them. The leader was following the usual format for the meeting so I decided to pray for this person whilst the other prayer topics were being dealt with. The person in discomfort was sitting about 1.5 metres from me at the other end of a settee so I merely held my hand towards them with the palm facing them and prayed silently for Jesus to take away the discomfort and bring healing.

Towards the end of the meeting another person prayed for someone else at the meeting at which point I was thinking ‘we should be laying hands on that person’.

When the meeting finished I asked the person who I had silently prayed for if their pain had gone. They said “Yes”. I said that I had prayed for them and they replied “I know”. This was interesting as generally the attendees prayed with heads down and eyes closed!!  I then went on to say to this person that I felt we should be praying and laying hands on the other person who had been prayed for. They replied “yes”.  I then approached this other person and asked if they would like us to pray and lay hands on them. Again, a positive response, so we both laid hands on the individual and prayed for their healing.

Five days after this meeting I spoke with the second person we prayed for to ask how they were feeling. They replied that they felt fine, their chemical imbalance had stabilised and they had been discharged from the clinic they were attending.