I have been a member of the local Healing Rooms team that meet in the Costa Coffee shops and have been blessed by some really sound teaching as part of our training programme.

This is my story – In October 2017 I developed a pain in my left hip, this was subsequently diagnosed as a torn Glute muscle and physiotherapy prescribed. The physiotherapy finished in March 2018 but the pain persisted, further examination suggested a dislocation of the sacro-iliac joint, this was pushed back into place and further physio suggested. During May the pain got worse and was travelling all the way down my left leg. At this point the physiotherapist suggested I should get an MRI scan as there were possible stenotic changes in the pelvic area that were causing the pain. The MRI scan was arranged through my GP.

At that point in time I had come upon a book that was suggesting the primary creative force in nature was sound. This was based on the fact that when God spoke the earth was created (Genesis). This resonated in my mind with some teaching that the Healing Rooms team had had on declarations and prophecy. With this in mind as part of my morning devotions I started to prophecy healing into my pelvic area by speaking this out.

Within a week all pain had gone, praise God for this healing and the lesson to be learned from this.