THURSDAY (11th July 2019) I discussed with a friend what new plants I’d like in the garden. Decided I would quite like lavender, on the other hand I can’t smell them.

SATURDAY (13th July 2019) went to training course at Flitwick Healing Rooms. At one stage the leader said, “I think there are people here who need their sense of smell restoring”. Three people put their hand up, including me.

Unfortunately, the conference seemed to go on for a very long time. (I am ancient.) So, I went home early missing the ministry.

SATURDAY NEXT (20th July 2019) I met Healing Rooms colleagues in Northampton and one lady said her sense of smell had been completely restored and she could smell the first time in 9 years when she was at the Flitwick conference. Obviously, I was delighted about this.

I then noticed that a newcomer to the group had brought three pieces of lavender which she placed on the table next to us. She asked if I would like them…. I said yes but why have you brought them? She replied God told me to. I picked them up and, of course, no smell. I put them in my pocket.

We then moved on to a different area. I took out the lavender ……..  I was totally amazed to realise I could now smell them. What a lovely miracle.

What an amazingly gentle way God did it!