I was admitted to Hospital on Saturday 12/01/19, with high fever (102 deg F +), signs of liver infection and inflamed lymph nodes. The doctors were unsure of what was wrong and I was kept in for 5 nights under observation. After x-rays, CT scans, an ultra sound examination and being on a saline drip and antibiotics, I was eventually diagnosed with glandular fever.

During my time in hospital I reached a very low point – not sleeping, with a continuous high fever and suggestions that perhaps there were more serious underlying infections. I went to the bathroom to speak to the Lord and I heard him say: “Do not be afraid, I love you; you belong to me and you will live with me forever”. In that moment I felt so loved and so grateful for all that Jesus had done for me. His love overwhelmed me. I felt motivated to pray for the other women on the ward and asked the Lord for opportunities to tell them about Him.

I was discharged on Thursday 17/01/19. However, the fever continued. My health was still deteriorating but the doctors thought I would be more comfortable at home as they could do no more than wait for the symptoms to subside. Things got worse. I developed a rancid sore throat and an itchy, burning rash that covered my entire body. My face and eyes were swollen, I could not stand up easily, had no energy and walking up stairs left me breathless. By Thursday 24/01/19, one week out of hospital, I was still in a bad way. However, I knew that the Lord was with me and that I was being held up in prayer. On that day a friend messaged me to ask how I was, and I told her in detail, she came straight back to me with “You need a miracle and we will pray for one”. Just hours after I spoke to her, my GP sent me back into hospital. I saw another consultant who did more blood tests. The results came back that my liver function test showed an improvement, although they had expected the opposite. The consultant prescribed medication for the rash, after which I returned home and slept 7 hours that night. The next day the fever left; the rash was beginning to fade; the swelling in my face had gone; my body had stopped aching and I was able to get up and walk around without pain. My lovely hubby said this was a miracle. The Lord had intervened and the awful symptoms were gone.

My GP has prescribed 5 weeks bed rest because my immune system has been severely compromised by the virus and it may still be infectious. I am so thankful to Jesus my Lord, and Saviour.  May he always be the King of my heart.  A massive thank you to all for their love and concern and grateful thanks to all who prayed for me. Thank you Lord Jesus for the break through. Thank you also to my faithful friends for your love and support, together with all those in the Healing Rooms Team at Costa who have stood with me throughout this difficult time. Finally, thank you to my church family and the Elders of New Life who also held me up in prayer.