I visited the Costa Healing Rooms team in Congleton early in 2019. My elderly father had been living with prostate cancer for some years and my younger brother had recently been diagnosed with the same type of cancer which had unfortunately spread to his bones and lungs. I’d been having a few of the same symptoms and thought that I’d better get myself checked out too. Blood tests and doctor’s appointments had progressed to a consultant’s visit where I was told that things didn’t look right and scans and biopsies would be needed.

With the prospect of a couple of month’s worth of anxious waiting ahead of me I decided to ask for prayer from the Healing Room team. They were very friendly and sympathetic and prayed with me, asking for God to be with me and with my family during this difficult time.

The months spent waiting for results was not easy but I did very much feel that I was being supported and that God was walking beside me and would be with me whatever the outcome. I did not feel afraid and was able to cope with a busy work and family life. When I recently received the ‘all clear’ I felt that it was a real answer to prayer. My father is still stable and my brother’s treatment has been working very well, he is now pain free for the first time in two years.