I went to Costa Coffee where the team member who listened to me was aware of my situation. I was in a very difficult place with work and she offered to pray for me.

I had an injury to my arm which meant I couldn’t do my job properly. The management wanted me to go back to an area where I would need the use of my arm and wrist. I could do bits of the job but not all of it. I went back but from some others there who were doing the heavy lifting and hoisting it felt like they resented me. As I was having prayer from the team member, they said they had a word that God would make a way where there wasn’t a way. When I explained about how people had been talking to me and their attitudes she prayed and she had a word that God would still the mouths of those who rose up against me. Another team member gave me two encouraging words from Isaiah about God standing for us. After the prayer I felt at peace.

I work at a care centre 2 days a week. The next day my boss called me into the office and said that we’ve had a discussion and decided that there was another part on centre where the service users were more able bodied and they didn’t need personal care. She said that we have come to an agreement where you can go there 2 days a week and work with people who are more able which was an answer to prayer. I got another interview for a job which was an answer to prayer. God opened two doors, the first job they’ve offered me is a position I need to think about a bit more. God has just moved in my life and he’s taken that anxiety away. I was able to go into work and stand up for myself.

Then I went to a healing service at church and I went forward for prayer. My arm started to feel better and since that time it’s gradually improving. At this service God gave a word that he was singing over me and that he had hold of me which gave me a heck of a lot of peace and I feel that God is doing a new thing in my life.