I seemed to be caught up in a vacuum of despair and hopelessness.  Hurt and rejection from someone I had respected for thirty years had been the catalyst to promote this state of mind and heart. I had to face up to the fact I was out of control, and felt on a pathway of isolation and sterility in my life.  It seemed impossible to get through this on my own even though I continued to pray for myself.

I visited the Costa Coffee Lounge at Freeport Centre to seek the help prayer from the faithful people at Healing Rooms.

I was received with love and kindness and assured of confidentiality.  After each visit I was filled with peace and reassurance, and it became evident I was moving towards getting through my pain and despair. I had a wonderful breakthrough and my experience was like coming out of prison.

I had my life restored back to peace and happiness. Thank you and God bless all the prayer ministers at Healing Rooms.