I am a regular visitor at my local Costa. Sometime ago I visited when the “Healing Rooms” were present. For weeks after that I watched their presence with great interest. I then started talking to the Group. I was so impressed when they explained their wonderful work. They are all truly lovely, dedicated and committed people who offer people wanting comfort through simple prayer. It doesn’t matter who anyone is, their gender, race, religion, age and reasons for needing comfort. Everyone just blends in together comfortably chatting over coffee. Having now retired from a long-standing career in Public Service, it has been my privilege and pleasure to support people in need. Sometimes people find it very difficult to share a problem with their families, friends or other persons, and would feel so connected in a low-key situation they wouldn’t find challenging.

One day I asked the Group to say prayers for me. I had been unwell and felt quite distressed. Immediately I felt the warmth, comfort and re-assurance of their prayers. I was given a little wooden cross to keep bearing the words ” Believe – John 3:16″, this re-enforced their message of joy, peace and hope. Later I reflected on their words and thought isn’t this what everybody wants in their life. I now hold this cross in my hands when I say prayers every evening before I go to sleep. Not only did their prayers help me tremendously it made me focus on those three words. I would say to anyone who has worries, ill-health or whatever distress in life – there is no need to feel alone. The “Healing Rooms” are there for you. Just visit a Costa during their attendance and you will be given a very warm welcome”.