This took place at a local wedding where some members of the Healing Rooms Prayer Team were present.

Just to say how blessed and amazed I am at the instant healing of my left hand yesterday when you both prayed for me. Since November 2019 when handling a mass of decking, the area around my left thumb and forefinger has hurt a lot and in recent weeks really aches and especially when I lay down to sleep.

Last evening as you were praying, I felt a mild different sensation in the hand and then the constant pain was gone. It felt good holding the steering wheel as we drove home. A couple of times it suddenly tried to give a bit of pain, so I commanded my hand that it was healed and my brain that all trauma of the hand was gone.

It is great, thanks so much and when I went to bed there was no pain, the first time for months! So praise be to Jesus our healer and thanks to Healing Rooms for your prayers.