A couple of weeks prior to the 2019 Conference we came to the Healing Rooms at Costa in Congleton and I had prayer for my eyes. I have Glaucoma which is degenerative and not reversible. I had failed an eye test for DVLA and lost my driving license.

During April I had an appointment with the eye consultant and he declared there was no further decline. Thus encouraged I booked another DVLA eye test (at my own expense) and was able to do quite a lot better and made an appeal to DVLA.

In May we were on holiday in Wales (my wife doing all the driving) and I sensed God tell me to book another eye test, so I did. Well what a surprise, when we got home there was a letter from DVLA asking me to book another test! This one went even better and I achieved 119 out of 120! Finally last Friday I received a new driving licence.  Praise God!