Our daughter gave birth to our first grandson recently and he had to have immediate antibiotics due to an infection they both contracted during labour – he had to have assistance when he was born and carefully monitored in the hours following . Although my daughters infection markers dropped and she started to recover ,the baby’s however shot up to dangerous levels ,  meningitis was mentioned and a lumber puncture if the situation didn’t improve , we immediately contacted the healing  rooms teams that evening with a prayer request for our grandson – we needed divine intervention and praise God that’s exactly what happened!

The very next morning , we believe ,as a direct result of prayer his infection levels had dropped from 16 to 10 which was out of the danger zone , the doctors we’re amazed and from that moment on he started to strengthen , feed and respond normally, they were allowed home the next day .

Praise God for His Healing power and also for healing the emotional scars of the traumatic events for my daughter they are both thriving now!