I would like to tell you my story about one of our training sessions for the healing rooms.   The training sessions are times when we come together as members of the healing rooms to worship pray and watch training DVD’s and practice praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in healing prayer, in a safe environment.  The session started with worship as normal but then moved on through prayer and words of knowledge from the holy spirit,  it soon became clear the spirit was moving through the room affecting some of the members.  When I was praying with my hands lifted I noticed when I started to relax my arms became heavy and dropped to my side then my legs gave way and I just sat down on the chair behind me.  I was totally at peace and relaxed and just closed my eyes and waited,  after about 5 to 10 min’s in this state I was feeling that the Holy spirit had healed me of something but I had no idea what.   I realized I was feeling warm  even my hands and feet which were always abnormally cool due to a condition of Raynaud’s where you get poor blood circulation usually in hands and feet but also other areas of the body, Raynaud’s  had affected me for many years.

I was telling Katherine one of the other members of the H.R. and said I may have been healed of Raynaud’s, she said she had been healed of this a few weeks earlier and prayed for healing for me.  Over the days and weeks I have not had any symptoms of Raynaud’s  and am usually affected most nights with extremely  cold feet and hands making it difficult getting off to sleep.  I thank God for the healing,  When I was talking to a friend at the squash court I was telling him about my healing he said he suffered from Raynaud’s to so I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed.  After a couple of weeks I asked him if there had been any improvement in his condition and he said he had noticed a big improvement  in his symptoms Praise the Lord

I believe that God has healed and restored my hands through the ministry of the Costa Healing Rooms team. Praise God!