The  excellent ambulance team spent 45mins trying to resuscitate him, which was very traumatic for me, as with a nursing career, I knew he had “gone”, but they have to follow a protocol.


30yrs ago, I became carer to a 28 yr old man who came in to our surgery having a mental breakdown caused by severe sexual abuse in his childhood. I befriended him as he was very lonely having walked away from his family and friends. Over the years he was included in our family activities. 8 months ago he fell ill and was admitted to hospital and was on life support for 4 months. I visited him most days until he died.

So both men in my life – my husband and friend had gone. I felt quite traumatised and bereft after this double bereavement and discussed it with my sister, who recommended a visit to the Healing Rooms. Eventually I went and was warmly greeted by the HR team who offered me a welcome cup of coffee.

After listening to my story, and a little discussion, they gently prayed for me and read appropriate scriptures. My tears flowed and I got the shakes-the Holy Spirit was starting the healing process in my innermost being.

During what I thought to be the final prayer, the phrase “deliverance from strongholds” was used, which reminded me of my upbringing in a condemning and controlling church environment which has been a negative influence on my relationship with God. After some unexpected discussion on this subject, they again prayed into the situation, and now a month later my relationship with Jesus has deepened, and I feel much more accepted by Him.

I am very grateful for the ministry of the Healing Rooms, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others — God bless you all in this work.