Our two year old cat “Bella” had developed little sore patches on her back which were slow to clear so we went to see the Vet and after giving her an injection for that she went on to check her general health.  She discovered a severe case of gingivitis where her whole mouth, gums and teeth were severely inflamed and full of infection.  I saw the look of horror on her face and for a young cat this wasn’t good. She suggested we take her the next day for a full extraction but then warned that although the teeth had gone, the inflammation could takes months to clear and could have spread to her kidneys.

We took her home and hot footed it to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee.  We just knew we had to pray into this and that God loves his creatures and knows how precious they are to us. I dissolved in tears and the prayer ministers were lovely.  They prayed into the situation and lifted off the shock and trauma.  I was amazed at how the Holy Spirit led them to pray for specific things which brought such peace into the situation.

The next day she had the procedure done and the good news was they had managed to keep 4 front teeth but the rest had gone. She warned us that the recovery time could be lengthy and not to expect too much. However we knew God was in control and we believed for a positive outcome! Within hours Bella was eating and more or less back to normal.

We took her back the next day for a post op check and the Vet couldn’t believe her eyes   The inflammation in her mouth and gums had completely gone.  She said “now that is a miracle”! What a good, good Father we have.