Whilst out walking I felt a sharp snap sensation in my calf muscle and intense pain. The minor injuries unit confirmed I’d badly pulled the lower muscle and told me to rest and take painkillers. However as the week continued the pain got worse and I went to the doctor and they said not only was my muscle damaged but my veins were enlarged and possibly infected around that area.

The next day I went along to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee where I had prayer. There was a real sense of expectation as they started to pray. They broke off the shock and trauma and commanded the pain to leave and muscles to be restored in Jesus name. I immediately felt a heat in my leg and my leg relaxing. I tested it out and realised I had more movement and less pain but still in some discomfort. They prayed again and I left. Later that evening at home I completely forgot about my leg and ran up the stairs for something …! then realised I had no pain whatsoever in my calf muscle – praise our God the great Physician