In recent times my granddaughter and her parents, who are divorced, were having a difficult relationship.

One Thursday evening I went to the Costa Healing Rooms and asked for prayer about my granddaughter’s relationship with her parents. What I didn’t know was that on the very next day (Friday) my granddaughter, who had been staying with me, told her mum she didn’t want to go home.  Her mum said to come home in order to talk the situation through.

My granddaughter said she wanted me to be there.  Her mum said she would also ask her dad to be there as well. I was very apprehensive as I knew matters could become heated.

Along with the prayers of the night before at Costa I prayed before I took my granddaughter home.  As we went through the door at my granddaughter’s home I asked God to go in with us.  I felt such a peace there, there was no shouting, they just sat and talked.  God knew about the situation before I went to Costa, but through those prayers the road was made straight.  God cares about every aspect of our lives, including our family’s relationships.