By Mike Robinson – Part 1

I think we will all agree that healing is a mystery and it always will be. The more I learn about healing the less the mystery becomes a mystery! No, it does not, the mystery seems to me to become even greater! That is my encouragement to seek the Mystery Solver even more. The more I think I know about healing the less I know about healing! The more I think I know the less I know. ‘Tis a conundrum! The remarkable thing about the mysteries of God is they never contradict human reason, they transcend it! The biggest mystery is that I Mike a sinner can be made into the image of Jesus Christ by the great work of His atonement in my life. Speaking in tongues is a mystery too because I have not got a clue what I’m talking about. God does, and that is the point of it! I have a strong and distinct feeling that it is time for us all to step up a level and speak in tongues more regularly if want to see the God of the Breakthrough breaking through. The Christian life is never “Do, Do, Do” but “Be, Be, Be” and He Will “Do” it through You and Me. We have an EIB (an Educated Idiot Box!)  on our shoulders and we do I think at times just make things far too complicated!