Necks and Shoulders

Testimonies of healing for necks and shoulders from Healing Rooms:

“Even though I had come to healing rooms needing prayer for something else - one of the ladies standing behind me noticed that my posture was unbalanced as my right shoulder was lower than my left. They continued to pray for it and my hip, shoulder, vertebra started to straighten up. I felt it ever so gently and I could breathe properly as my chest lifted up. I thank you Lord for these Prayer Warriors and the Prayer Team here. I thank you Lord that there is such a place as the Healing Rooms where we can come to when we feel alone. Thank you.”

“I came here for the severe neck and shoulder pain… the team prayed for me for the pain and stiffness to be gone… Miraculously the pain and stiffness totally left me on the Tuesday and have not returned at all”

“Due to pulling a muscle in my neck and shoulder I was in tremendous pain. I had worked all day but was close to tears with the pain, so I went along to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee and asked for prayer. Two of the team prayed for me and invited the Holy Spirit to come! They placed a hand on my shoulder and prayed healing and alignment in the Name of Jesus. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 how bad the pain was. It was a 10 when I arrived, but by now it was a 6, so they prayed again for more! I immediately felt a deep sense of heat like a heat pack had been placed on my shoulder and I felt a moving sensation in my shoulder, I was amazed how quickly the pain had reduced I was now about a 2 and just had minor discomfort but a real sense of peace. By the time I got home the pain had completely gone!!! It was a very simple procedure but very powerful. When you pray in the Name of Jesus, it’s amazing what can happen!”