Testimonies of healing from cysts from the Healing Rooms:

“When I was 9 years old I had a large cyst in my salivary gland which was pressing on a nerve underneath my tongue. It was difficult to speak and sometimes even swallow. My grandma brought me an anointed handkerchief from Halifax Healing Rooms which my Mum put inside my pillowcase. It wasn't long before it had healed. I had had it for about two years. I went for my operation and the surgeon said he wouldn't do it. I am very thankful for my handkerchief and thank you to Jesus for healing me. P.S. I am 11 now.”

“I had been experiencing pain in my foot, back, legs and breasts for months. My doctor sent me for a scan and blood test. The scan showed that I had a 4cm cyst on my ovary. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer and believed that my God had healed me. After a week of walking in faith, I noticed that the symptoms began to go one by one. I returned to my doctors and she told me that the cyst was no longer there. Thanks eternally Lord Jesus for Your love and sacrifice.”