Testimonies of healing from cancer from the Healing Rooms:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news tore me into pieces. All my plans for the year was kept aside as I began to fight for my life. I called upon so many men of God both in UK and back home to agree with me in prayer. I prayed without ceasing both day and night. In my church so many pastors were called together to take my case up in prayers. A sister in the Lord told me about Healing Rooms, and I came to agree with you in prayer 3 times. I want to let you know that the God that we serve answers us. I continued to go for chemotherapy in hospital and at a point I was asked to do a check. The mammogram, CT and MRI scans all returned a shocking result to the oncologists and my consultant. There was no longer any trace of cancer on my breast or any other part of my body. As I write, I have just come back from my meeting with my consultant where he decided that I will no longer need a mastectomy, even ordinary surgery, I won’t need again. I am totally healed and in meeting with my consultant and the oncologist they declared my case is a rare one. They were very happy. They advised me to have radiotherapy just to complete the treatment. Praise God with me!”

“My niece, who is five years old, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her neck and stomach. She was sent a prayer cloth by the Healing Rooms and has been healed. Praise God.”

“After a great time of blessing at the Healing rooms I asked for a healing cloth for my brother-in-law, who has prostate cancer. I sent the cloth by post, he was delighted but said ‘I don’t know what to believe in, but will keep the cloth with me’. Last report after a visit to the hospital was that his blood count is normal. Praise God!”

“Daniel’s grandmother came into Healing Rooms in Portland to tell us that her 8 year old grand-son had leukaemia and would we anoint a handkerchief for him.  Daniel’s parents agreed to this.  So the team prayed over the handkerchief and Daniel’s granny got it to her grand-son, who in turn took it into hospital with him.  One of the nurses saw it and was about to take it away until Daniel said “That’s my handkerchief with oil on it. I’m going to be made better.”  A short time later, Daniel was back at school, fit and well and his hair growing again.  Simple, child-like faith!”

“A lady who visited had been diagnosed with cancer and was told that she would need two operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She received prayer, and despite the prognosis found herself frequently full of the Lord’s joy after meditating on the scripture she had been given; ‘May the God of hope fill you with all peace and joy as you trust in Him.’ (Romans 15:13). She had the first operation, but when returned for second liver scan result was told that all signs of cancer in the liver had gone. Surgeon twice said ‘This is most unusual’. He was also puzzled that the cancer cells taken from the first operation biopsy ‘had changed’. She was discharged free of cancer and with no more operations or chemotherapy required.”

“After surviving cancer of the throat and neck, I was diagnosed with skin cancer by my GP. On that day I was put in touch with Pontypridd Healing Rooms. It was early afternoon on a Wednesday, so with great anxiety I visited them.
I was treated with respect and dignity....The healing was marvellous. I really walked on a cloud when I left the building, it was amazing! The person who walked out of the Healing Room was a different person. I had trusted in our Lord and He had raised me up and granted me peace.
I attended the first hospital appointment and the original basal cell cancer had disappeared; a miracle! However the consultant felt there were other areas that were suspicious so it was arranged to have them removed.
A few months later I arrived at the hospital for my surgery. I told my consultant that I didn't feel I needed the surgery as my skin had improved. My consultant agreed with me and I explained the power of our Lord to him and what had happened at the Healing Rooms in Pontypridd. This really was a miracle.... Thank you for your love and support, I will never forget your kindness.”

“A friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of this year (2004) she had surgery and had her right breast removed.
In October of this year, several lumps appeared (approximately 10) along the scar of the operation. She saw her surgeon and oncologist and they confirmed that the cancer had returned. They suggested she have fifteen sessions of radiotherapy. There was a period of about four to five weeks before the treatment would begin.
In the meantime I attended the Healing Conference and stood in the gap for her, I was prayed for by Cal Pierce and he said holding my hands, ‘these are the hands of Jesus, you must go home and pray for her and impart the anointing,’ which I did.
Ten days before the radiotherapy commenced, she noticed the lumps had started to disappear, when she was examined on the day of the planned radiotherapy, the doctor looked at the lumps and was silent for about 15 seconds and said to her, ‘what do you think?’ she said, ‘they are disappearing’ the doctor became quite excited and said, ‘yes, I think we are going to be alright here’.”