Breathing, Throats and Lungs

Testimonies of healing for breathing, throats and lungs from Healing Rooms:

“I came for healing prayer yesterday for a viral sore throat infection that I had been suffering from for the past three weeks.  The two who ministered to me prayed for me and the Lord Jesus healed me.  I was coughing no more and my throat felt better.  At last I could breathe.”

“For 5 months I had what I thought was a recurring chest and throat infection. I kept going back to the doctor who gave me increasing doses of antibiotics to no avail. Eventually I had an X-ray and was referred to the chest specialist. My G.P. said ‘I just don’t know what to do’. The specialist explained that the lungs showed evidence of double pneumonia and a partially deflated lung. One of my lungs looked as though a lace tablecloth had been laid across it such was the scarring. There were also signs of sarcoidosis that I had suffered from 30 years ago. This usually burns itself out after the first attack but if it continues causes all sorts of complications for which there is no treatment. I received healing prayer. Following a CT scan and ultrasound I revisited the specialist. He announced that my lungs were all but one spot clear. When I pressed for a medical explanation he gave no answer.”

“A prayer cloth was sent to man in Australia who had asbestosis, for which there is no cure. When he received the cloth he put it on his chest. On his next visit to his doctor, he was told that all traces of asbestosis has now gone - he is completely healed.”