Testimonies of healing for backs from Healing Rooms:

“About 5 months ago I tore a hole in one of my discs in my back. It was extremely painful and the consultant described the pain as like pouring acid onto nerves, which explained why I kept passing out. He also said that it could take up to 2 years to heal.
A few days later, God stirred me to rebuke the enemy and thank God for healing me. This enabled me to move slightly.
I have had a wonderful time with the Lord over the past few months and have had to totally depend on Him for everything.
Last Saturday I went to a Holy Spirit Evening, where many of the Healing Rooms team were praying. When they prayed for me, the Holy Spirit really came upon me and I was on the floor for some time. It felt like I had been under a sun-bed for some time afterwards and I knew the Lord had healed me. That night I was able to have the duvet touch my back, something that I couldn’t have coped with a few hours before.
The following day I was able to walk for miles, dance and carry my granddaughter, none of which I could have done the day before.
God is awesome! I give him all the glory and thanks.”


"I went to Healing Rooms at Costa with my wife as I've had a bad back and a cough for over a year.  I described my problems to the team who were really understanding and friendly.  They prayed for me and one team member had a vision regarding my illness and how to remove it.  They didn't just say 'right, that's done', and move on, they described the vision and what it means.  I am now doing what was recommended and am seeing an improvement in my cough.  They then prayed for my back, and immediately I felt the discs were better! I also had a problem with my sciatic nerve, which was probably due to the lower back putting pressure on it.  Now the back issue is healed, I expect the nerve to repair and get better, but if not I'll be back for more!  Just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"


“In 1978 I had suffered 2 slipped discs in the base of my spine and this had caused a blockage in the spinal canal. I experienced a lot of pain for many years and was prescribed strong pain killers. I went to the Healing Rooms in Halifax where a team of people prayed for me. I experienced the supernatural touch of God on my body. It felt like my whole spinal system was being re-arranged and re-structured. After the prayer time my back felt wonderful! I did not write my testimony for 2 months as I wanted to make sure that I could truly say – I have been healed.”


“My 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Scoliosis and had a very severe curvature in her lower spine. The area Lumber 1 to Lumber 4 were very curved and this would in later life have a huge impact in childbirth and labour and the surgeon was very aware of the risk in fusing her spine over this area. I brought her with my wife to the Healing Rooms as I am a great believer of God’s miraculous power of healing in impossible situations. As my daughter was prayed for in the presence of my wife - to quote them
'As I was prayed for healing in the name of Jesus Christ my right leg shot forward into line with my left leg, mums face went white with shock.' 'As my daughter was prayed for I saw her leg lurch forward, I saw it and couldn’t believe it.' On 5th March my daughter went in for surgery and the Surgeon said that after pre operation X-rays he was “surprised” to say that she no longer needed lower spine surgery to his medical confusion. Praise God!”


 “I requested prayer for 'lower back problems' which I had had for nearly 40 years. It was due to an incident which happened when my youngest son was a small baby.
God healed my back, He re-aligned my spine and all pressure and inflammation were healed. Apparently one of my legs had been shorter than the other, which I did not realise. After prayer my legs were measured together, they became level.
I was given wholeness, mobility and strength. I received a fresh in-filling of the Holy Spirit, joy and healing. I danced and ran all round the room, things I had not done for many years.
I give all the praise, honour and glory to my wonderful God.”


“For 2 months I had been struggling with sciatica; severe pain in my back & down my leg & in my groin caused by a pinched nerve. On the day prior to my visit to the Ripon Healing Rooms my pain had worsened & in the evening I could not manage to even sit up & watch TV. Also it hurt to put pressure on my left leg. The next evening after receiving prayer at The Healing Rooms in Ripon by 2 members of the team, my back was much improved & I have been able to sit up without pain. I returned to the Healing Room a second time to give thanks and for continued strength as I plan to return to work soon.”


“I have been a member of the local Healing Rooms team that meet in the Costa Coffee shops and have been blessed by some really sound teaching as part of our training programme.
This is my story - In October 2017 I developed a pain in my left hip, this was subsequently diagnosed as a torn Glute muscle and physiotherapy prescribed. The physiotherapy finished in March 2018 but the pain persisted, further examination suggested a dislocation of the sacro-iliac joint, this was pushed back into place and further physio suggested. During May the pain got worse and was travelling all the way down my left leg. At this point the physiotherapist suggested I should get an MRI scan as there were possible stenotic changes in the pelvic area that were causing the pain. The MRI scan was arranged through my GP.
At that point in time I had come upon a book that was suggesting the primary creative force in nature was sound. This was based on the fact that when God spoke the earth was created (Genesis). This resonated in my mind with some teaching that the Healing Rooms team had had on declarations and prophecy. With this in mind as part of my morning devotions I started to prophecy healing into my pelvic area by speaking this out.
Within a week all pain had gone, praise God for this healing and the lesson to be learned from this.”


“Just before Christmas, I had pain in my back, side and right round the front and under my ribs, beginning very suddenly.   The doctor diagnosed a muscular problem.   However the pain continued right through until early April.   I saw the doctor again, had an ultrasound scan, saw the physio and was given exercises, but it still persisted.  In April I visited the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and two team members prayed for me and laid hands on me for healing.   Within two to three weeks after this the pain began to gradually subside and is now hardly noticeable and for this I thank God and for using this team to minister to me.”


“For several weeks I have had increased pain in the muscle tissue in my back, and at times it has been almost too much to bear. I have had prayer from the team previously over this issue. I had overheard one of the prayer team say that sometimes it’s not always the symptoms that need the prayer but there can be an underlying factor – citing an example of holding on to unforgiveness. I felt that I needed to apply that to my own situation – although I was not aware of any unforgiveness. So, I knew that I needed to go to Healing Rooms for more prayer and I went that evening.
When two of the prayer team were about to pray for me I suddenly remembered that matter of unforgiveness and mentioned this to them. Two names came to my mind from about thirty years ago. I was able to forgive, and release them from any judgements I had towards them. I still had the back pain.
The next morning I awoke with no pain. I was so praising God! As the day wore on the pain came back, but I was having none of it so I started to take authority in the name of Jesus.
Friday morning when I awoke I was pain free and have been free ever since, today being Monday of the following week.”


“I was training for the London Marathon this year, my very first marathon, when I ran into injury. My back seized up three and a half weeks before the start date and I could not run at all. I was in a good deal of discomfort and pain. This was a real worry, as I not only wanted to fulfil a lifelong dream, but I had pledged to raise £1700 for charity and I feared that I would let them down. I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee for prayer. One of the team who prayed for me, said that she believed that there would be a supernatural cushioning on my back and that Jesus would run with me all the way. Sure enough, miraculously I ran the 26.2 miles with no back problems and felt God’s presence with every step. It was amazing. To top it all, as I crossed the finish line, I looked up to see a guy dressed as Jesus crossing the line just in front of me! What a sense of humour God has! 39,000 people completed the marathon that day and I cross with someone dressed as him. It was as if Jesus said “There you are, told you I’d be with you all the way around!” I have to say that in all my years as a Christian, God never ceases to amaze me.”


“At a recent Healing Rooms training evening, the content of the study included the power of testimony and how testimony can be used to bring healing into situations that are similar to the original testimony. The trainer reminded the group that the word ‘testimony’ comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘to do again’.
At this session one of the attendees shared how healing as a result of prayer had taken away intense pain that had developed in the lower back and pelvis.
The leader of the group took this as an opportunity to practice the lesson from the teaching and asked if anyone other persons had pain issues in the lower back or pelvis, three hands were raised. The member who had shared the testimony was asked to pray prophetically over these three persons using his own testimony and asking God to ‘do it again’. Two out of the three experienced a significant lessening of the symptoms and now some weeks later one of them is free from the pain that had lasted for a number years. Praise to God for this blessing.”


“I was experiencing some quite uncomfortable lower back muscular pain which was restricting movement and being able to sleep.  It also prevented me from playing and enjoying squash as fully as I like to.  This was very frustrating and painful.
Three people from my local Healing Rooms prayed for my back. There was a warm sensation where one of them had placed their hand on my back.  I immediately felt partial relief from the pain and discomfort.  They prayed again and there was further improvement.  I had a much better night’s sleep and when I awoke the next morning the pain had gone! Praise God!  A big thank you to the people who prayed and for being available to be used by God.”