Arms and Hands

Testimonies of healing for arms and hands from the Healing Rooms:

“A member of one of our prayer teams suffered tennis elbow for 2 years. She had had six injections in both elbows and was still in pain. After attending a Healing Rooms training seminar in Oct. 2010, she started receiving prayer from fellow prayer team members and claiming the Word for her own healing. If negative thoughts came up she would say; “No, I’m not going to look at symptoms I’m going to judge the situation by what God says”. She focused on the fact that the Word said she was healed……By June 2011 both elbows were considerably better and only felt tender when she specifically pressed on them. She went to her follow up appointment with her consultant who initially started talking about an operation. He was surprised when he was told her elbows were better. Consultant discharged her.”


“In February, I fell off a platform and fractured my arm in 5 places. Cardiff Healing Rooms prayed for me immediately.
In order for my husband to teach in the afternoon, I lay in a darkened room. The pain was 8 out of 10, I felt nauseous and even a light touch on my arm was intolerable. I thanked God anyway. He works good in all things.
I asked God "What's the chink in my armour?" Multiple confessions ensued, but I remember having vowed to do my utmost never to go to hospital ever again and this is a classic 'unholy vow'.
An hour and a half later something amazing happened: fear, shock and trauma left me and seemingly flew out the window. I rose, ate, drew back the curtains and hugged many people without inducing pain, even when they squeezed and patted my arm. 
A few days later in the fracture clinic, the doctor said I couldn't have done a worse job and that it's unlikely I'd ever be able to lift my arm above my head again. We told her we believe in a God who heals.
A couple of weeks later, fear started to return, but another Healing Rooms prayed off fear, shock and trauma. The next day I managed to raise my arm above shoulder height, with much glee and praising God.
A week later at the fracture clinic, the doctor said prayer is working. Every day I could do something I couldn't do the day before. My healing was accelerated.
In late March a physiotherapist asked: "What can you do?" I replied: "It's quicker if I tell you what I can't do", promptly raising my arms above my head. "But can you put your arms behind your back?" "Easy!" I say showing him. "That's amazing!" He says. "That's God!" 
Finally in April I visited a radiographer who said "I don't know how far you can raise your arm for this X-Ray." "Really high actually!" "You're having us all on!" She laughed when she saw my arm right above my head. "God has healed me." "Now He needs to heal the whole world" she said. "That's the plan!"
I showed the doctor that there's a little bit of movement in arm raising that I still couldn't do. "No, I believe you will be able to do it. Your progress is phenomenal. Most people at this stage can hardly lift above waist level. It's amazing what a positive attitude can do." "No! People prayed for me and the pain left. Healing comes quickly when there's no pain!" She nodded her head and then shook my hand, discharging me from care.”


"Just recently, I had been experiencing pain in my wrists, hands and forearms that seemed to come without any cause. It was very debilitating and made doing the daily tasks of life difficult. 
It was prayed for by the team at Costa and 98% of the pain disappeared overnight.  I had prayer again the following week and the remaining pain completely disappeared."


“Just recently, I had been experiencing pain in my wrists, hands and forearms that seemed to come without any cause. It was very debilitating and made doing the daily tasks of life difficult. It was prayed for by the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee team and 98% of the pain disappeared overnight. I had prayer again the following week and the remaining pain completely disappeared.”


“Several months ago I noticed some stiffness in my fingers.  Eventually the fingers became so painful that I could no longer grip a pen or operate a manual tin opener.  I decided something needed to be done because it was so limiting.
I went to see the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee. They were very welcoming and put me at ease and listened as I told the story of my predicament. They prayed with me and afterwards asked if I could feel anything different.  I had to admit I couldn’t!  However, over the next few days the pain and stiffness slowly went away. I am now absolutely free of pain and stiffness and can say that I have complete use of my hands as before.”


“I would like to tell you my story about one of our training sessions for the Healing Rooms.   The training sessions are times when we come together as members of the Healing Rooms to worship pray and watch training DVD’s and practice praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in healing prayer, in a safe environment.
The session started with worship as normal but then moved on through prayer and words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, it soon became clear the Holy Spirit was moving through the room affecting some of the members. I realized I was feeling warm, even my hands and feet which were always abnormally cool due to a condition of Raynaud’s where you get poor blood circulation usually in hands and feet but also other areas of the body. Raynaud’s had affected me for many years.
I was telling one of the other members of the H.R. that I may have been healed of Raynaud’s, she said she had been healed of this a few weeks earlier and prayed for healing for me.  Over the days and weeks I have not had any symptoms of Raynaud’s  and am usually affected most nights with extremely  cold feet and hands making it difficult getting off to sleep.  I thank God for the healing.
When I was talking to a friend at the squash court I was telling him about my healing he said he suffered from Raynaud’s too so I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. After a couple of weeks I asked him if there had been any improvement in his condition and he said he had noticed a big improvement in his symptoms. Praise the Lord!”