Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

Testimonies of healing from anxiety, depression and mental health from the Healing Rooms:

“A man came to the Healing Rooms a number of times in 2011 to receive prayer for depression and OCD. The nature of the OCD was that he had to write down names and numbers wherever he saw them; on TV adverts, passing vans, names of people he met and any numbers mentioned by them. He accumulated very many notes of all the names and numbers and was unable to make himself get rid of them. He was also unable to do a number of things such as watching TV for fear of seeing numbers which he would have to write down. After three or four weeks of prayer he reported that the depression had greatly improved. He continued to receive prayer for the OCD and then stopped coming. A year later he reported that he had gradually been healed of the OCD and said ‘I can now watch TV and if I see anyone in town and don’t remember their name I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I have (nearly) got rid of all my notes, of everything in my pockets. I shredded it all’.”

“Norman (name changed) is a much loved 6 year old boy, who has learning disabilities due to a near cot death experience when he was 2 days old. He had been a late developer in everything he has done, struggled with temper tantrums and hyperactivity, which means he doesn’t sleep very much. When Norman began hearing ‘voices’ just after Christmas, I became very concerned, as he said they made him do bad things and at this time his behaviour was appalling and his school work became quite poor. I then heard of Healing Rooms and was asked if I would like to take Norman. I thought very hard about taking him as he was only 6 years old, but as I found strength from my faith I knew it was the right thing to do.
After Norman had received prayer, I noticed a difference immediately and for the first time ever, that night he said he was tired and slept right through the night! Since thenNorman’s behaviour has improved so much, his school work has improved and he won a trophy at school for his achievements.Although Norman may always have some difficulties, each day seems to improve for him and us as a family. We are all so much happier and very grateful for the love God has shown us.”

“Ever since I was 9 I have suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. I have been on various medications for around 7 years and have been in hospital after suicide attempts. A few months before attending the healing rooms I was given a devastating diagnosis of borderline personality disorder with depression and anxiety. I was told I would remain in day hospital for at least 3 years. After my second visit I was delivered from the spirit of death and anxiety and ever since I have had no suicidal thoughts or self harmed. Praise God.”

“I came this evening in knots, not trusting to share, didn't want to write the [reason why I had come] on the sheet.  I guess I was ashamed; that I was consumed by anxiety and fear.  I went into a cabin [healing room], stood in the corner and didn't feel I deserved to be there.  The gentleman who ministered to me saw my fear and depression and "empty tank".  With my eyes looking down and closed, I admitted where I was at.  The lady prayed over someone in my life controlling me.  She led me to renounce the spirit of fear, control and anxiety.  I prayed word-for-word after her; the words control and fear getting stuck, but she was so patient and there was breakthrough.  I came out feeling light, "un-knotted".  I can no longer feel anxiety and fear and if it comes again I know how to deal with it in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you.”

 “In October 2014 I started having panic attacks and terrible anxiety. I had panic attacks every day and felt terrible all the time. My heart was beating so fast that I was put on beta blockers. They were helpful to start with but as time went on I got lots of side effects.
I was sent to have cognitive therapy but found it made me feel so much worse. The only thing which helped me was when I came to receive prayer at healing rooms. Every time I was prayed for, I felt so much better until I felt like I’d recovered. Prayer was the only thing that helped me. I thank God for healing and the ministry here.”

“For many years I had suffered from depression, it was very variable but was tolerable. However, in February 2009 it became so bad that I went to the doctor. He confirmed I was depressed and gave me some medication. Although there was some relief, I was now constantly depressed and became really fed up with being in this state all the time.
I decided to go to the Healing Rooms in July and received prayer in the name of Jesus. The depression lifted and therefore I decided to return to the doctors. The doctor examined me and found that the depression had gone and took me off of the medication. The doctor asked me which church I attended, so I told him.
I am feeling so good now and I am so pleased to be free of taking medication. I am thankful to the Healing Rooms for their prayers and to Jesus who healed me.”