Testimonies of healing for animals from Healing Rooms:

“I came to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee because one of my aging ponies had become quite ill with laminitis.  This is something he had suffered with before but it came from nowhere and he couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain.  I came to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee to ask for prayer for him as I had been previously and had an answer to prayer for his brother when he had been ill a few months before.
I explained Victor’s condition and said I would have to call out a vet the next day and I was nervous as last time they had said it was a possibility he could be put down as he was so bad, he was given a week to get over the worst of it.  Usually after an attack of laminitis the horse / pony has to stay in the stable for at least 8 weeks to prevent damage to the feet and because it is too painful to walk on the hard ground.  This was going to be difficult as he was ill a couple of weeks before the Christmas period and it would have meant visiting 2 – 3 times a day to look after him and Hugo, my other pony, would have to be locked out of the stable during the day so I was worried about him if the weather turned bad.
After the prayers by the team at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, I let him out after a week as there seemed little point in keeping him in as he was fine.  There was no permanent damage to his feet and he was galloping around like a mad thing in a couple of days.”


“In August I was booked to go onto a family holiday and I was going up to the Healing Rooms on the off chance that my friend from work was going, as she was having a rough time.  Before I went to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee I had called in on my daily visit to see my 2 ponies.  I’ve had them for 25 years and although they are still full of life and mischief they are quite old for their breed.  This Thursday I found Hugo had a number of large hard lumps all across the underside of his stomach and up to his chest.  I went into a panic as he has the start of cancer on his tail and I knew I couldn’t go on the cruise the following Tuesday if he had these sudden tumours.  I had never seen anything like them in all the time I’d been around horses.  When I was in Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee I showed the people there the photo of Hugo and Victor and I asked them to pray for them and asked for healing as I couldn’t have gone away I would never have forgiven myself if something happened while I was away.
I went up over the next few days and by Saturday his lumps had disappeared 2 days before I went away.   While I was away I had a sense of calm I wasn’t worrying about them all holiday and the lumps have never come back since.
I think they may in the end have been caused by some biting insect in the bedding as I treated that after but even if it was that it was still an answer to prayer and I can’t thank the people enough who prayed for him.  It just goes to show that prayer can be answered without the person (or animal) needing to go to Healing Rooms. I was also pleased by the way people answered my prayer request I wasn’t sure how they would feel about praying for an animal but they picked up on how important this was for me and although it was an unusual request they didn’t make me feel like a nuisance for asking!”